Brands today compete on their supply chains’ efficiency. When we began thinking about the future of supply chain (thus FutureChain), our horizon was full of machine learning, automation, and inter-connected chains. Early this year, when the COVID-19 began laying businesses to waste, supply chains across the world saw the true test of their efficacy—from derisking manufacturing to finding safe shipping lanes to reaching customers in the shortest possible time.

The Supply Chain of tomorrow will be nothing like what it was even 6 months ago. Greg Fawcett and Karthik Sundaram have been collaborators for the last couple of decades, and decided to tackle this rapidly evolving space by launching FutureChain, an inclusive portal of interviews, information, and intelligence about supply chain.

We are starting small—a series of podcasts, aggregating supply chain news… for now. Please feel welcome to stay connected, this space is exploding and we are excited to be a part of the energy.