Jack Freeman, Principal of PeakSpan Capital

PeakSpan supply chain and procurement growth-stage investment strategy. 

Episode notes: PeakSpan mission 6:37.
PeakSpan supply chain technology platforms 9:54.
Efficiency targets for investments 13:46.
Distinction in investments at 3-5M vs 25M+ 17:29.
Value of Zenefits, Netsuite and Oracle perspective 18:27.
Why supply chain? 21:01.
Cold chain 23:35.
Front of the house vs back of the house software adoption 28:03.
Omnichannel 29:10.
Valuing cost-saving as much as revenue generation 29:40.
Importance of data 32:42.
Coupa spend management 34:50.
ERP market penetration 36:33.
Logistics value 38:49.
Importance of Labor 42:06.
Thesis for XOi investment 46:09.
Trends to watch for in 2021 50:54.