John Bozzella, President and CEO, Alliance for Automotive Innovation on Auto Supply Chains

Listen to the visionary for the only automotive trade association that represents OEMs, suppliers and mobility companies. Get the inside track on the evolution of internal combustion (ICE) supply chains to electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) supply chains.

Episode notes:

  • 3:31 the automotive supply/value chain. Operating at the intersection of innovation, production and policy.
  • 4:55 semiconductor supply shortage impact on automotive supply chains resulting in loss of 1-2M units of production (after auto production had ceased completely in 2020).
  • 8:28 reinforcing US domestic semiconductor/automotive supply chains to address disruptions.
  • 9:53 evolution of industry to electrification and autonomy.
  • 10:20 shift from drilling for oil, to mining for minerals.
  • 11:21 impact on exhaust systems, fuel systems and emissions.
  • 13:38 impact on labor.
  • 15:12 policy critical to this transition.
  • 16:14 regulatory blueprint to drive adoption of EVs & AVs.
  • 18:12 fleets as a ‘vehicle’ to scale new markets.
  • 19:22 adoption will come from a combination of regulation and economic factors. 20:02 Automatic Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). 22:02 building an EV charging infrastructure. 24:21 new supply chains for EVs/AVs and the batteries that power them.
  • 27:10 domestic supply chains for lithium-ion/solid state batteries (Panasonic, LG Chem).
  • 31:35 total cost of ownership threshold, “cost-parity” and “convenience-parity”.
  • 33:24 timeline for scale. 35:25 global leadership for US in AVs.
  • 37:12 sensors and ADAS technology for vehicle safety.
  • 39:12 environmental impact/sustainability of sourcing.
  • 40:45 competition between US and China for OEM production of EVs.
  • 42:26 global competitive landscape for AVs, US needs to seize its technology advantage. 44:00 innovators in EV and AV space achieved through partnerships (convergence of mobility and technology).
  • 47:10 GM’s and Honda’s investment in Cruise, Ford’s investment in Argo, Toyota partnering with Uber.
  • 48:07 AI as a key technology input for AVs through awareness and perception algorithms (enables accessibility as well).
  • 49:33 FCC needs to address importance of connectivity (V2V critical).
  • 51:19 achievability of Paris Climate Accord GHG/emissions goals depends not just on the automotive industry but the entire ecosystem (grid resiliency, reimagined supply chains, industrial retooling, workforce evolution, consumer awareness, access/affordability).
  • 53:12 Biden administration, Gina McCarthy communicating the needs for reduced emissions and transition to electrification.
  • 53:40 Autos 2050 conference on the intersection of innovation and policy to address environmental, economic and safety goals.