Nexla Podcast: Interview with Saket Saurabh of Nexla

Listen to this informative podcast where Meagan Cunningham of FutureChain interviews Saket Saurabh, an entrepreneur with a passion for data and infrastructure who co-founded Nexla — a provider of reliable, consistent, and trusted data products. Learn how today’s best-in-class data technologies have revolutionized supply chain management from an entrepreneur and data scientist’s perspective.


00:00 Introduction01:23 How Saket’s Passion for Data Integration Started
03.07 Saket’s Experience Working with the World Bank
04:57 Challenges of Data Integration (Poshmark Success Story)
07:51 How Integration Makes Analytics Better for Companies — “Three Things”
10.03 What Is Data Streaming?
12:33 What Is the Interface for Engineering if Hard Coding Is Not Required?
15:38 What Levels of Errors Are You Seeing from Your Data Monitoring?
18:26 What Impacts Data Integrity — and How?
20:45 On the Insights Nexla Delivers to Poshmark
23:25 Describing the Ideas from the Flow of Data Pipelines — Analyses to Insights to Decisions
24:29 The Future of Spreadsheets — Will They Stay?
26:40 What Does Data Integration Make Possible in Terms of AI?
29:11 Who Benefits Most from Nexla’s Solution — Engineers, Data Scientists, or Executives?
30:40 Outro