Nidhi Puri, Alka Chopra and Stephanie Hutton of PVH on Apparel Supply Chains

Join us for a primer on Technical Design, beginning with a design education on garment factory floor. The value of practical experience of building apparel supply chains. NIFT & FIT as talent pipelines. Digitization of technical design in supply chain. Using AI & ML to help achieve ‘perfect fit’. The role of technical design in apparel supply chain. The concept of ‘digital twin’. COVID impact on digital supply chain has accelerated growth 10-fold. Pipeline for sourcing digital goods. Technical design a ‘front to back end’ process. AI driving transition from analog past to intelligent present to integrated future by analyzing data sets to identify ROI and new markets. AI can have significant impact analyzing inventory levels & driving automation at the factory level. Tommy Hilfiger influence. Manufacturing automation in supply chain. 4D & 5D technologies. Evolution of assembly lines in India. Deliberate/methodical processes in Middle East. Diversity in PVH’s culture. Maintaining your talent pool. Developing technical design skills.

Episode Notes:

  • 00:30 – Introduction
  • 02:10 – Manufacturing And Supply Chains
  • 04:45 – What is Technical Designs
  • 07:11 – 5 Phase Approach
  • 09:05 – What Digital Apparel it Source
  • 20:06 – Extensive with Global Supply Chain
  • 21:18 – Biggest Challenge When Started a Career
  • 24:07 – What the Consumers Want
  • 24:58 – What was it like to work for a designer?
  • 26:03 – Specific Experience with Tommy Hilfiger
  • 28:57 – How Artificial Intelligence Helps
  • 31:26 – Ideal Application for AI in Management
  • 33:52 – Are those efforts pointed at developing standard?
  • 35:18 – Perfect Fit
  • 38:29 – Importance of Diversity And Culture
  • 40:17 – How to Keep the Talents Up to Date
  • 42:19 – Thoughts About Students in Fashion School
  • 53:50 – Closing Thoughts