Randall Pappal, Vice President Purchasing, Supply Chain and Business Development at Automotive Tier 1 supplier Shape Corporation

Randall Pappal, veteran of OEM (GM) and Tier 1 supply chains talks about the global automotive supply chain.

Episode notes:

Shape’s role in the Automotive supply chain 3:05.
Body exterior supply chain 4:14.
GM supply chain 5:22.
Automotive supply chains in Mexico (Nemak, Metalsa, Vitro) 6:15.
Automotive supply chains in Asia 7:53.
Single sourcing 10:23.
Obstacles to nationalizing supply chains 12:11.
Continuous improvement, lean manufacturing and Kaizen 12:44.
ROI from process methodologies 14:17.
Supply chain management solutions (Plex) 15:17.
AI/ML critical to solutions 16:15.
Metrics to evaluate success 17:01.
Digitization 17:40.
Pandemic influence on elevating supply chain as a business concept 18:15.
Economic outlook for automotive industry 20:02.
Policy to foster development of electrification and autonomy 21:29.
Shape’s role in new markets 22:46.