Andy De Senior Industry Director, Global Solutions Strategy and Go-to-Market, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Altryx

Beyond COVID-19: how will healthcare providers leverage AI and analytics to minimize “supply chain disruption”​ in the post-pandemic era?

Episode Notes:

Supply, device and testing demand 4:10.
Emergency Response Inventory Services Fulfillment Provider model 9:45.
Financial epidemic caused by supply chain disruption 12:04.
Amazon as a potential services fulfillment provider 14:04.
McKesson, Amerisource, Bergen and Cardinal Health 16:15.
Financial liquidity, Cares Act 20:09.
Using predictive analytics, special analytics and machine learning for forecasting 23:30.
Amazon fulfillment 24:18. Shaping demand 24:38.
N95 Project 27:13.
Blue Wonder 30:07.
SAP, Oracle, Epicore, Infor/Lawson and Altryx 30:21.
Tableau, Qlik and Power BI 31:31.
Lean methodologies and six sigma 31:54.
AI, analytics and integrating systems 33:16.
KPIs to match business priorities 35:28.
Altryx webinar on how to use descriptive and spatial analytics to locate hospital, inventory, testing center 41:13.
Asset utilization 43:07.
Using forecasting to repurpose empty hospital beds 44:45.
Using spend analytics to identify most valuable suppliers 46:28.
Using predictive analytics for collaborative demand forecasting 49:18.
Using analytics to understand maverick buying 52:30.
Using analytics for continuous improvement 54:34.

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