Arnaud Deshais, Formerly of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

How to plan the production of an antigen and carry a vaccine through a cold chain.

Episode Notes:

What is an antigen and a cold chain 4:44.
Production planning 20:15.
Materials Requirements Planning 21:12.
FDA has to approve sourcing of compounds 22:28.
Trial process 23:12.
Uncertainty of batch production process 28:19.
Dealing with live materials 31:35.
Production challenges 32:23.
Determining quantity for clinical trials 34:30.
Cost structure of drugs 35:35.
Distribution network 37:14.
Leveraging machine learning/AI, blockchain, RFID 42:36.
Protecting patients 47:29.
Maintaining strict temperature controls 50:17.
Recall/reverse supply chain 52:30.
Making sure opportunities to vaccinate are not missed through risk management 54:28.
Theory of constraints 56:36.
FDA can take over a factory 57:45.
Weighing protecting patients against the demands for a vaccine in a pandemic 59:16.
Timeline for a vaccine 1:00:30.
Lean manufacturing 1:01:34.
More inventory, more redundancies 1:04:18.
Impacting people’s lives 1:05:36.
Transparency and trust 1:06:58.

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