Ashutosh Prasad, Founder and CEO of KoiReader Technologies

Ashutosh Prasad, founder and CEO of KoiReader Technologies, talks about operational automation and edge computing. i2 supply chain system 13:30. Supply chain fragmented from a process & systems perspective 15:19. Arrival of NVIDIA, open source, AI 15:54. Edge computing 17:57. CargoWise 19:36. ROI of AI-based systems 22:10. Lean innovation 23:48. Auto classification of shipping goods through natural language processing 26:04. Warehouse automation inventory cycle counting 26:56. KoiReader’s edge computing platform 31. Applied AI 31:33. Contrast with H2O.AI 32:51. Operational intelligence 34. Operational automation 37:25. Making receiving process contactless 37:56. AI cameras 38:52. Applying operational intelligence to solve legacy problems 41:50. Analyzing TBs of warehouse data per second through computer vision 45:11. 5G/IoT future 48:31. Service vs. product approach 51:08. Partnering with customers 1:00:07.

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