Barry McGeough, Global VP of Innovation Wolverine Worldwide

Master class on innovation. Footwear and apparel supply chain to surprise and delight customers 2:47.
Innovation at PVH to build in sustainability to dress shirts with Unify 3:55.
Influence and negotiation to build global supply chain for 10M units of “whiter white” fabric 7:23
(largest sustainability success story). ROI of top line sales and market share 8:07.
Challenge of operating in real time addressed by influence from “legal to landfill” 10:11.
Apparel and footwear as a relationship business 12:03.
KPMG model to drive innovation connected to strategy, mission and vision 12:30.
Consumer centricity 17:20. Ecommerce penetrations of 20-30% 18:43.
COVID impact on supply chains 19:48
(cancellations, sell-offs of raw materials, closure of factories, pent-up demand). Responding to increased demand from K-shaped recovery 25:23.
Dollar General opening 1,050 doors to address value end of consumer-base 28:15.
Concept of circularity 28:48. The “messy middle” 29:20.
Digital transformation through connected product and connected experience 29:54.
Product as a service as illustrated by Lululemon’s white space division/acquisition of Mirror driving new revenue streams 35:55.
AI & ML in supply chains is ubiquitous as illustrated by Stitchfix demonstrating that brands know their consumers 41:29
(Shelly Palmer futurist). Super Apps in China demonstrating tradeoffs of privacy vs convenience 44:43.
Singulaarity ushering in AI 45:49
(Tim Urban podcast “Wait, but why?”). Supply chain ecommerce solutions, including social prospecting, to identify consumer intent 53:04.
Supply chain optimization tools (C3, IBM Watson), including automated manufacturing to lower operational costs 56:52.
Speed over cost 1:00:24.
Circularity as illustrated by fast fashion making new fiber from old fiber 1:02:09.
Upcycling 1:05:32.
Value chain of the future to meet customer expectations 1:06:25.
Ambient computing (EA, FIFA, Adidas & Google gamification) 1:10:22.
Strava 1:13:13.
COVID as an accelerant for supply chain innovation powered by 5G (voicification, shoppable closets, real-time holograms in store, etc.) 1:15:12.
Importance of closing the digital divide 1:18:44.

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