Derek Mizysak, Supply Chain Director, for Method Products

Derek Mizysak, Supply Chain Director, for method products talks about the phases of SCM, lean tools and methodologies and blockchain.

Episode Notes:

Supply Chain Ninja 2:41.
Demand for cleaning supplies 8:45.
Integrated business planning process for Demand Planning 10:55.
Inventory management 12:32.
Machine learning and demand driven software 13:32.
Importance of distribution centers (DCs) to managing demand 16:41.
Lean methodologies to identify root causes 16:53.
‘5 Whys’ 18:50. DMAIC 20:26.
Kaizen events 22:05. PDCA 25:13.
Root cause analysis 26:17. KPIs 28:17.
Value stream 30:29.
Data visualization, Tableau, Power BI 32. Blockchain 35:28.
SAP 37:01.
COVID-19 highlights inefficiency in supply chain 44:54.
AI & ML adoption curve 49:23.

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