Dr. David L. Anderson, Managing General Partner for Supply Chain Ventures

Early and late-stage supply chain investing in software and hardware. 

Episode Notes:

LeanLogistics 2:24.
Kiva Systems (robotics) 2:55.
Steelwedge (supply chain planning) 3:09.
Optiant (inventory planning) 3:20.
Macropoint (supply chain visibility) 3:28.
Llamasoft 3:34.
Shipmonk 3:41.
Pre-COVID investing climate 4:59.
Virtual brokerage of freight 5:23.
Ecommerce logistics 5:28.
Blockchain, robotics 5:30.
Flexport valuation $1B Softbank investment 5:38.
AI/ML supply chain decision-making for optimization/efficiency investment theme 6:12.
COVID impact on investing 7:35.
Crisis, normal, crisis product development cycle 8:39.
Supply chain disruptions/adjustments to COVID 10:22.
Shifting sourcing and distribution 10:37.
Real time data challenges for legacy systems 11:27.
AI/ML decision-making systems sitting on top of legacy systems 13:20.
LeanLogistics first Saas/TMS solution 14:36.
Different ERP systems for different functions 16:01.
AI/ML impact on supply chain, FANUK robots building robots 17:00.
Levidata using AI to identify pricing seasonality 18:15.
Wise Systems 18:47.
Criteria for assessing investments 20:35.
True Load Time 21:37.
Investment assessment, existing vs new companies, post-COVID 24:31.
“Don’t listen to Steve Jobs” 26:02.
12-month trends 29:02.
Taking care of the workforce 30:29.
Forecasting a challenge in this climate 31:46.
Ecommerce is 40% of retail in UK 32:18.
$20B invested in supply chain, $27B in AI, last year 33:15.
AI importance to autonomous vehicle functionality 34:46.
Elevation of supply chain leadership 36:32.
Importance of organizational inclusivity 38:09.
Winners and losers going forward 39:39.
Is globalization dead? 42:10.
Domestic labor can compete when industry is labor-intensive 42:48.
TSMC US manufacturing for Apple chip 44:42.
How will immigration limits impact supply chains? 49:01.
Strategic reserves over nationalization of supply chains 53:27.
Investment focus going forward: real-time data; accelerating process automation; execution and planning apps; AI/ML-based tools; sustainable and resilient supply chains; integrating robotics and AVs into supply chains 55:15.

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