Dr. Farid Harche Formerly of British Telecom, Wipro, IBM and DHL

Dr. Farid Harche formerly of British Telecom, Wipro, IBM and DHL talks about artificial intelligence in SCM.

Digital transformation in SCM 5:04. Machine learning and deep learning 10:30. Priority should be to organize data 13:03. Fail rate on solutions as high as 80% 13:35. Recommended SCM solution: C3.AI 14:53. Bias in data 19:10, 32:09. Data sovereignty 21:39. Blockchain 21:54. The importance of standards over regulation 23:33. GS1 25:14. Humans have a role to play in teaching AI systems to manage unknown risks 35:32. Cost-saving ROI 37:00. Supply chain will self-operate 49:47.

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