Dr. Farid Harche Formerly of British Telecom, Wipro, IBM and DHL

Dr. Farid Harche formerly of British Telecom, Wipro, IBM and DHL talks about artificial intelligence in SCM.

Episode Notes:

Digital transformation in SCM 5:04.
Machine learning and deep learning 10:30.
Priority should be to organize data 13:03.
Fail rate on solutions as high as 80% 13:35.
Recommended SCM solution: C3.AI 14:53.
Bias in data 19:10, 32:09.
Data sovereignty 21:39.
Blockchain 21:54.
The importance of standards over regulation 23:33.
GS1 25:14.
Humans have a role to play in teaching AI systems to manage unknown risks 35:32.
Cost-saving ROI 37:00.
Supply chain will self-operate 49:47.

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