Dr. Manjeet Singh, DHL’s Director of Global Operations Science and Analytics

Dr. Manjeet Singh, DHL’s Director of Global Operations Science and Analytics, talks about how machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the world of supply chain management.

Episode Notes:

Convergence of data collection, processing power, techniques resulting in products like autonomous vehicle, SIRI and the jobs to support them 3:44.
Meta data and raw data 6:38.
There will never be full autonomy 7:38.
DP DHL 9:18.
DHL Supply Chain 9:48.
Retail supply chain 12:10.
DHL locating facilities to respond to Retail demands 13:17.
Robotics for picking (Lead Me, Swarm) 15:00.
Picking productivity 17:46.
Managing transportation 20:31.
Supply chain planning 21:05.
USPS for last mile 21:53.
My Supply Chain for tracking 23:02.
Autonomous fleet trials 24:18.
Ecommerce capacity and labor 25:33.
Machine learning, advanced heuristics software 32.
Idea toolkit to optimize picking 34:16.
Value of training associates 39:37.
Labor shortage 41:21.
Carton Optimization Process developed through collaboration with academia 43:28.
Consolidating training 47:44.
D3TO platform to consolidate shipments 51:36.
Supply Chain Guru from Lamasoft for network optimization 55:30.
Apian, JDA 55:54.
WMS Manhattan, JDA, SAP. Predictive/prescriptive analytics 57:16.
Continuous optimization 1:00:36.
Digitization 1:02:02.
ROI, profit sharing with customers, 20-40% improvement in picking productivity 1:09:04.

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