Ilir Skendaj, Director of Omnichannel and Supply Chain for Logic Information Systems

Episode Notes:

Retail supply chains 3:56.
Omni-channel for top-line growth 6:49.
Holiday retail 7:58.
Optimizing processes for demand forecasting 8:42.
AI analysis for demand planning/forecasting 9:47.
Curbside retailing 11:21.
Supply chain optimization 13:30.
Right product, price, inventory 14:41.
Leveraging existing investments in tools and solutions to maximize ROI 15:34.
Internal processes vs external partners 19:10.
Finding ‘best of breed’ solutions to offer customers omni-channel options 20:35.
Breaking down the omni-channel experience 22:17.
‘Headless approach’ 26:26.
Digital transformation for frictionless commerce 27:16.
Importance of “fixing” data 27:58.
Case studies (improved efficiencies resulting in savings of $4M/yr) 30:51.
Exposing inventory to a customer, wherever they are 33:07.
Importance of platforms over point solutions 33:47.
10x ROI targets 36:28.
Pandemic impact on retail 37:13.
Differentiating against Amazon 38:32.
Transforming malls into online marketplaces 39:30.

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