Jeremiah Pomerleau, Lessons from GoPro and Puls

Jeremiah Pomerleau uses his experience with GoPro as a case study on building out procurement, logistics and global trade systems.

Episode Notes:

Procurement 1:59.
Air and ocean freight cost reduction 45-50%. Trade lane 7:44.
Total Landed Cost 14:47.
Trade compliance cost 24:32.
Freight payment provider 28:19.
Visibility/supply chain event management system 36:13.
NetSuite 38:55.
One Network 39:31.
Excel for independent analysis 40:27.
Shopify 41:42.
FedEx Delivery Manager, UPS My Choice 41:55.
G-Suite, Slack to inform ERP sourcing 42:33.
Dashboard for 4 supply chains, 65! KPIs at Puls 44:37.
Objectives and Key Results platform: Integration of G-Suite with Tableau for real time reporting 46:05.
ROI 48:04.
Forecasting impacting fulfillment 50:16.
Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) 51:16.
Break 52:14.
Global Trade, import/export agencies/compliance (Export Control Classification Number) 52:39.
The future of SCM solutions 1:05:27.
NetSuite/SAP/Oracle visibility modules 1:06:03.
Online marketplace for freight negotiation 1:07:07.

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