Mike Lavaglio, The Director of Supply Chain Planning for Dexcom

Mike Lavaglio, the Director of Supply Chain Planning for Dexcom, discusses the diabetes medical device supply chain.

Episode Notes:

Type 1 diabetes continuous glucose monitoring focus 3:30.
Look and feel improvements to device 6:08.
Giving physicians and platforms access to data 7:11.
50% growth from G6 product, suppliers had to respond 9:26.
JIT for a $B business 10.
Nodes on plastics and electronics supply chain 10:48.
De-risking the supply chain 12:54.
Operating a clean room 14:27.
Accelerating supply chain to grow inventory 15:22.
Driving automation 17:25.
Demand statement 18:25.
Scenario planning 19:08.
Facilitating MRP through Oracle 21:16.
Capacity a priority for SCM system to facilitate growth 22:21.
Predictability 24:49.
Oracle improvements, Anaplan 27:30.
Experienced/trained people are the ROI from systems 29:49.
Predictive analytics to inform level of risk in the supply chain 32:59.
AI for data analysis 35:04.
Determining order cadence from customers to manage inventory 38:22.
Confluence and Sharepoint 42:21.
Dexcom warriors 43:35.
Motivated by patients 46:09.

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