Steve Clarke, Supply Chain Transformation

Steve Clarke discusses his article, “Leveraging the Power of Simple Analytical Tools & Daily Management Techniques to Achieve RAPID and SUSTAINED Supply Chain Transformation” (

Episode Notes:

Challenges to improving supply chain performance 3:37.
Solution to challenges 6:06.
Supply Chain Capability Model 8:59.
Using defect data in Root Cause Analysis 11:33.
Six Sigma DMAIC methodology 15:54.
Three levels of a fix 17:32.
Example using 5 WHYS 22:03.
Pareto Principle 23:51.
Impact/effort matrix to improve systems and processes 25:10.
Control phase 27:41.
Daily management 29:12.
Building capability 31:26.
Using ERP systems effectively 34:52.
Success stories 36:25.
Critical success factors 40:08.

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