Oct 08, 2020

Blackstone+Cullen Partner with Activ Technologies to Launch Glimpse, a Business Intelligence Dashboard Platform

ActiVate integrates seamlessly with Glimpse to support Blackstone+Cullen’s mission to deliver best-of-breed and highly customized technology and consulting solutions.
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Activ Technologies and Blackstone+Cullen announced their partnership to launch Glimpse, a business intelligence dashboard platform offered by Blackstone+Cullen. Powered by ActiVate® for the data integration, Glimpse by Blackstone+Cullen transforms data to visualize and present real-time actionable insights for organizational decision-making.

Blackstone and Cullen President Lee Blackstone stated, “Glimpse’s rapid implementation is enabled by the ActiVate platform, which doesn’t require the construction of a data warehouse or data mart. The short implementation schedule delivers actionable results quickly and provides the shortest path to maximum profit.”

Using ActiVate (https://activtech.com/digital-supply-chain-network/) for data integration, Glimpse (https://www.dayoneready.com/) offers fast implementation—less than two months versus the typical six months or more for on-premise solutions. The library of configurable dashboard templates and API connectors promote easily configurable dashboards supplying a business intelligence view to enable better decision-making. Glimpse dashboards cover financials, sales, marketing, supply chain, and much more. Data in any format is rationalized, so there is no need for investment in a data analyst or writing various queries against legacy databases. 

According to Glimpse product manager Bruce Brownlee, “Glimpse offers unique business value. Glimpse is live, interactive, and uses real-time data. Executives can ask and answer what-if questions in a meeting without sending a data analyst out of the meeting to perform another week of queries and table joins to answer the new questions.”

ActiVate presents unparalleled capabilities for data normalization and integration that enables real-time visibility and synchronization. The platform allows Activ Technologies to address real-time supply chain management and extend its sales channels to support other application development, such as the Glimpse application. As a cloud-based platform as a service solution, ActiVate integrates seamlessly with Glimpse to support Blackstone+Cullen’s mission to deliver best-of-breed and highly customized technology and consulting solutions to the world’s leading brands. 

“Our partnership with Blackstone+Cullen showcases the versatility of the ActiVate platform. Easily leveraging the data collection and transformation service the platform offers, Activ Technologies expands its scope beyond a singular solution set in supply chain management. The platform proves its robustness in supporting a variety of business models whether joint ventures, white label, OEM, and more,” explained Garland Duvall, CTO of Activ Technologies.

Blackstone+Cullen offers weekly webinars to demonstrate Glimpse “Day One Ready” solutions that provide predictive and prescriptive analytics to answer challenging business questions. Take a Glimpse tour (https://bit.ly/2S6VelU). 

Image via Activ Technologies

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