Sep 12, 2020

Cambridge Implements Cloud Inventory® for Supply Chain Transformation

Building material manufacturer achieves real-time inventory visibility while boosting productivity

By PR Newswire

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DSI®, a leading provider of cloud-based inventory management solutions, today announced that Cambridge, an industry-leading producer and distributor of paving stones and wall stones, chose Cloud Inventory® to gain real-time inventory visibility and leverage data to improve access to materials and increase revenue. Cambridge deployed Cloud Inventory®, a real-time, cloud-based platform that turns its inventory data collection processes completely mobile. With Cloud Inventory, Cambridge can now easily support their rapid fulfillment sales model of 90 minutes to pick, pack, and ship an entire trailer load. 

Cambridge’s centralized manufacturing, distribution, and customer service complex is one of the largest of its kinds in North America. To maintain their status as an industry leader, Cambridge wanted to transform the way it managed the inventory that lives outside of the four walls of the warehouse. As the industry has upgraded production methods, the control of inventory has not kept up. Cambridge needed access to real-time, reliable data anywhere, at any time, especially to track high-volume inventory and materials in yards.

Cambridge’s paper-based processes limited their efficiency and productivity, creating obstacles for meeting their goals. The status of inventory would not be updated until a day or more after the physical activities occurred, meaning no access to real-time inventory visibility. This made collecting inventory data cumbersome and hindered sales.

“We’re a pretty sophisticated company. Our commitment to our customers is unmatched,” said Charles Gamarekian, Sr., Chairman and CEO, Cambridge. “To ensure the highest quality of customer service, we needed to adopt state-of-the-art technology to own our inventory in real time.”

Since deploying Cloud Inventory, Cambridge can now capture real-time data via tablets, regardless of where its inventory resides, and easily record the physical activities of inventory movements, for both inbound and outbound goods. It also has access to such information as picking, packing, and shipping as well as the inbound receipt of goods. Cambridge has experienced an increase in inventory accuracy, thanks to the real-time visibility possible with Cloud Inventory solutions. The speed and accuracy of receipts of purchase and transfer orders have also increased, giving Cambridge an overall boost in productivity.

“The Cloud Inventory solution achieves our goal of real-time, mobile data capture of physical activities,” said Steve Oberfield, Senior Manager, Cambridge. “No longer is NetSuite being updated after the activity has happened; data is entered in real time so that we can make timelier and more accurate production and sales decisions. By knowing what goods we have, where they are, and in what condition, we can satisfy customers’ orders in less time which increases inventory turnover.”

Cloud Inventory has full integration capabilities with NetSuite, Cambridge’s ERP platform, allowing them to leverage investments they have already made and extend it to a much broader geographic area.

“The Cloud Inventory low-code/no-code platform will enable Cambridge to develop and deploy apps themselves as their business needs evolve,” said Mark Goode, President and CEO, DSI. “DSI is thrilled to see Cambridge improve their customers’ experience by reducing stockouts and increased inventory visibility.”

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