Oct 08, 2020

Clasquin Speeds Up Its Digital Transformation with Wakeo

By Business Wire

Clasquin (Paris:ALCLA), the overseas forwarding and logistics expert, has signed a strategic partnership with Wakeo, the leader in visibility, to speed up its move to digital technology.

Together, Clasquin and Wakeo are committed to offering concrete solutions to the operational challenges of the French mid-tier business’s customers, by providing real-time visibility on all international transport flows (sea, air, road, rail …).

“We are happy to have Wakeo as our partner. Since its creation, this innovative Tech company has been committed to improving data reliability and predictability, which are decisive factors in the operational optimisation of our customers’ Supply Chain. Clasquin and Wakeo teams, under the leadership of their founding managers, share a common business vision and wish to move forward together. This is a great partnership that we are initiating. It is thanks to this kind of collaboration, and to teams working with shared ambition, that we will be able to complete our offer of high-value-added solutions to customers,” said Hugues Morin, Group CEO, Clasquin.

Clasquin aims to use data to drive customer operating excellence and satisfaction, and thus enable its transport experts to be more proactive in their decision-making. 
“In a context of accelerating digital transition, Clasquin has chosen to partner with Wakeo in a pragmatic innovation approach, genuinely geared to generating operational value while enriching data and ensuring a fast time to market. This is a major step in Clasquin’s digital transformation, designed to leverage data to improve productivity and create value for our customers”, noted Frédéric Serra, Group CIO, Clasquin.

Wakeo, for its part, will benefit from Clasquin’s business-specific knowledge in 21 countries as well as the partnership’s global scope to broaden its connectivity. 
“While international transport relies on the coordination between multiple operators with fragmented information, this global partnership will strengthen the international network of Wakeo which connects to hundreds of sources. The more information sources we connect, the greater the relevance of our data models and the faster we can deploy our solutions to generate value at the heart of the supply chain”, commented Julien Cote, Wakeo’s co-founder and CEO.

By aggregating information from transport providers and enriching it with independent data (real-time satellite positions, seaport and airport data, IoT sensors, etc.) and intelligent proprietary algorithms, Wakeo enables to anticipate issues in the multimodal transportation chain as soon as possible.

“Data enrichment and data science are at the core of our strategy to go beyond historical data quality limitations. We are currently at a turning point in terms of the market’s technological maturity which enables operators like Clasquin to put data, combined with business-specific expertise, at the heart of their business model transformation”, explained Loïc Marzin, Wakeo’s co-founder and CTO.

Wakeo and Clasquin are engaging into an ambitious long-term partnership built around a shared vision: investing in technology to be one-step ahead of the market standard and offer optimum responsiveness to customers, through new high-value-added services. The aim is to support their development against a backdrop of disruption within global logistics chains (Covid, US-China trade war, Brexit, etc.), calling for greater control and anticipation of risk.

Image via Clasquin

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