Nov 20, 2020

Grant Thornton Teams with Anaplan to Deliver Connected Planning Solutions for Business Resilience

Alliance to help customers drive business performance with intelligent forecasting and continuous scenario planning

By Business Wire

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Grant Thornton LLP has joined the partner program at Anaplan Inc., provider of a cloud-native platform for orchestrating business performance. The alliance brings together Grant Thornton’s decades of experience in financial and operational transformation with Anaplan’s connected planning capabilities to help companies break down siloed decision making and create forward-looking plans.

By integrating Anaplan’s solutions, clients will be able to unify company-wide data, access real-time insights, continuously model scenarios and forecast with increased accuracy — on one integrated platform. With line of sight across the enterprise, clients can strategically respond to market shifts and changing economic conditions with increased agility and resilience.

“We’re teaming with Anaplan to help business leaders integrate disparate planning functions and activities across the organization,” said Jonathan Eaton, Sourcing & Supply Chain Management principal at Grant Thornton. “This opens the door to streamlined, consensus-driven decision making and enhanced ‘what-if’ scenario planning across departments, including sales and marketing, operations, supply chain management and workforce planning.”

According to Eaton, the move is coming at a critical moment for America’s beleaguered businesses: “This year’s historic disruptions have elevated the need to proactively plan for and mitigate risks, to pivot strategies and drive business continuity. The new reality is that relying on fragmented plans, driven by disconnected processes, will no longer cut it. Anaplan’s offerings create more efficient processes that establish a unified, single source of truth for demand, sales and operations planning.”

In addition, Grant Thornton can tailor Anaplan’s solutions to meet its clients’ unique needs and roll-out the platform quickly through managed services that ease integration.

“Grant Thornton is a potent addition to the Anaplan partner program,” said David Tharp, vice president, Worldwide Partner Organization at Anaplan. “With Grant Thornton’s extensive business consulting services acumen and Anaplan’s advanced modeling and scenario planning capabilities, we will arm our joint clients with the insights and processes required to orchestrate business performance and turn change into advantage.”

“In this time of uncertainty, visibility, transparency and flexibility will be imperative,” concluded Mike Hennessey, Finance Transformation Advisory managing director at Grant Thornton. “The ability for organizations to adopt innovative solutions must remain a top priority. This alliance, between organizations with shared values and visions, will bring confidence and value to our clients as they navigate the changing business environment in the weeks and years to come.”

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