Dec 10, 2020

How An MBA In Supply Chain Management Can Help Students Take Great Career Strides Post-pandemic

An MBA could be the piece of the puzzle that might reignite a career and shall help you stand out in the post-covid job market
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COVID-19 has compelled many companies, and entire industries, to rethink and transform their global supply chain model. It has proven to be the black swan event that has disrupted the supply chain mechanisms and made organizations to restructure their supply chain management. As companies were exposed to vulnerabilities, supply chain resilience made sense and businesses took efforts to strategize their global supply chain.

India’s supply chains will go through widespread transformations in the next few years as the impact of COVID 19 will continue to test our demand and supply framework. With extensive disruptions, supply chains are severely affected. As supply-side issues will start getting addressed, we will be observing demand contraction in various industry segments creating disorder. Businesses would have to adapt to this new reality and consider building supply chain resilience.

The most significant change will be the rise of domestic sourcing to make supply chains more local. This will also push the establishment of global value chains in India to not only serve domestic but also export markets.

Every entity involved in driving supply chains would require to go through severe compliances, as the sanitization protocols would be in place. This would build not only management but also insurance costs.

It is also evident that with the heavy changes in supply chains; the digital transformation of the industry will be accelerated. The entire logistics process would be repurposed and digitized.

Amidst all such transformations, it is more likely that those out of work might see their skillset become outdated. Here, an MBA could be the piece of the puzzle that might reignite a career and shall help you stand out in the post-covid job market.

More than ever, supply chain firms and industries need reliable and competent leaders to navigate the turbulent waters in 2020.

How an MBA might help you in the jobs market.

Digital savvy MBA grads might be in high demand in the years post the pandemic. Why?

Well, it all boils down to the acquisition of skills. As the challenge-facing companies will go through digital transformation, it will become incredibly important for MBA students to think modules such as digital transformation, digital strategy, and disruptive business models, if they want to stand out in the job market.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) conducted its annual Salary Survey in February 2020, which highlights the average wage growth for supply management practitioners – showing a promising outlook for supply management professionals.

Studying for your MBA in a niche specialization such as Supply Chain assists you obtain the appropriate skills required to succeed in the industry, along with learning how to deliver effective solutions in real-world contexts.

You stand out after an MBA because you move from specialization to a point where you understand almost every mechanism that makes up a business. An MBA shall equip you with the skills to manage the complexities inherent in digital transformation. Being able to drive creativity and agility in a company is essential, and an MBA shall help you achieve the same.

The current economic situation is already leading to unemployment and redundancies. It’s no better time to upscale yourself and carve a new career path.

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