Oct 15, 2020

Peterson Partners with Onboard to Supercharge SNS Pool Supply Chain Support

This article was originally published on Hellenic Shipping News

Onboard is delighted to announce a partnership with logistics facilitator Peterson, in which Peterson will work with Onboard solutions to optimize supply chain support for a key project – the Southern North Sea Pool (SNS Pool). 

Peterson will deploy the Onboard Platform and work with Onboard’s Fuel Efficiency and Digital Logbook apps to support its digital transformation and reduce environmental impact for the SNS Pool. The pool is a concept in which nine NOGEPA operators, including energy major Shell, outsource their logistics in an effort to be more efficient. The Onboard Platform and apps will enable Peterson to aggregate data from people, systems, and sensors, and make smart decisions on how to achieve these goals, while simultaneously reducing manual work for the crew. 

With the Digital Logbook, required entries are standardized across vessels and instantly shared with onshore staff. This has multiple benefits, including consistent, instantaneous visibility of logbook data across vessels, reduced administrative burden on the crew, and a bigger focus on safety thanks to the freed up time. It marks a significant improvement on previous standard manual logbooks. 

The Fuel Efficiency app helps the SNS Pool minimize its environmental impact. The equipment-neutral solution directly interfaces with engines or any fuel measurement sensor and collects data to measure fuel consumption, vessel position, distance travelled, and speed, enabling the organization to keep their finger on the pulse of consumption. In the app, Peterson sets targets per vessel, per voyage, and per crew, and crew can track progress against these in real time.

The combined data set of real-time logbook, navigational, and fuel consumption data enables the organization to optimize vessel planning and speed, reduce waiting time, and supports fair calculation of logistics services to operators. The visibility into their complex operations is enabling Peterson today to make data-driven decisions that were not possible before partnering with Onboard. 

“With big projects such as SNS Pool there is a lot of hidden potential to optimize operations, but normally it is impossible due to siloed equipment and a lack of visibility of data,” said Reinier Dick, Peterson. “But working with Onboard changes all that. We have connected aggregated data across three vessels, and quickly discovered multiple ways to optimize operations and offer greater value to our clients.”

“We’re very excited to be working with Peterson and the SNS Pool to optimize their operations and discover new value in their businesses,” said Erwin Strik, founder and director of Onboard. “In the current situation of global oversupply and challenging economics, logistics facilitators and operators alike need to be challenging themselves to operate in more lean and creative ways. Onboard is ideally placed to help them do just that, by opening up the flow of big data and enabling access to any relevant person in the supply chain.” 

The Southern North Sea Pool (SNS Pool) is an integrated fourth-party logistics concept (4-PL) where nine Operators outsourced their combined marine requirements and their helicopter requirements to Peterson. The development of this unique and innovative concept was initiated in 1993. It started with various smaller-scale arrangements that evolved in 2002 into the establishment of the SNS Pool for marine, and was extended in 2006 to include helicopter logistics.

Peterson is a world-leading, innovative and highly trusted international energy logistics and supply chain solutions company, driven by a passion to lead the way in transforming how industry plans, manages and executes the movement of critical resources globally. We are dedicated to supporting customers in a market demanding more technology, flexibility and tailored solutions by applying new technology to revolutionise the energy industry supply chain.

Onboard is a technology startup that aims to transform the way maritime businesses operate. Our digital infrastructure connects vessels, crew, and onshore operations to the cloud and supply chain. Maritime businesses and developers benefit from greater access to data, massive efficiency gains, and the ability to innovate their business.

Image via Maritime Technology

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