Oct 13, 2020

P&G and Ninja Van Win Digital Transformation Awards Singapore 2020

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P&G and Ninja Van are Digital Transformer and Digital Disruptor respectively at IDC Digital Transformation AwardsSingapore 2020.

IDC has selected this year’s Digital Transformation winners based on their implementation of digital initiatives that address customer requirements, development of new capabilities, deployment of new critical infrastructure, and pursuit of new industry ecosystems.

Other winners for Singapore include Commune, DHL Express, NTUC Income, OCBC, SATS, Singtel, and United Overseas Bank (UOB).

IDC said these organizations distinguished themselves from other nominees displaying the best planning and implementation of digital transformation (DX) initiatives across five DX dimensions.

“These winning leaders and organizations from Singapore have shown that the spirit of innovation can persist against all odds – they are champions of digital transformation, ready for what the Next Normal could bring,” said Sandra Ng, group vice president for ICT Practice at IDC Asia Pacific.


P&G has been at the forefront of leveraging digital transformation across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (AMA). Key end-to-end disruption areas have been in consumer, customer, brand building, and supply chain with use of state-of-the-art technologies of cloud, big data, IoT and data science to bring forth new business models.

P&G has been investing on digitalization across the value chain to fuel its growth and drive productivity. P&G’s Data Strategy Disruption and Digital Consumer Transformation strategy for growth and value spans five key pillars of P&G Superiority Vectors to grow the category and serve its consumers through consistent brand innovation: Superior Product, Superior Packaging, Superior Communication, Superior Retail Execution, and Superior Consumer/Customer Value Equation.

Ninja Van 

Using algorithms for route optimization, Ninja Van has disrupted the traditional delivery model, allowing drivers to save fuel and deliver online purchases into the hands of customers in a timely manner.

With demand for delivery services fluctuating from country to country, Ninja Van analyzes historical data using a cloud solution for capacity planning, allowing the organization to hire more drivers during holiday seasons to ensure on-time delivery for its customers.

Ninja Van can operate under a pay-as-you-go, per-second billing scheme and has flexibility in using computing resources. For instance, with the collection of hundreds of gigabytes of data daily – from driver location data generated by the Ninja Driver app to click tracking on the website – Ninja Van can easily run analyses and forecast manpower demand.

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