Dec 01, 2020

TADA Announces TADA SC™ – An advanced Supply Chain Orchestration Suite

Digital Transformation Platform leader TADA in collaboration with Samsung SDS and Copperwire Systems has combined advanced cognitive intelligence, digital trust and distributed ledger technologies within a supply chain orchestration solution that aims to eliminate Opacity, Friction, Silos, Complexity and Risk from within global supply chain networks.
By PR Newswire

PEORIA, Ill., Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TADA today announced the launch of TADA SC™, an integrated suite of digital trust-enabled supply chain orchestration applications that bring unprecedented multi-tier visibility, agility, & collaboration to help businesses adapt, manage risks and resiliency within global supply chain networks. 

 TADA SC™ is a new breed of blockchain-enabled supply chain applications built on TADA, an intelligent platform that significantly simplifies and accelerates business impact of large scale digital initiatives. The TADA SC™ suite includes 35+ integrated applications out-of-the-box that enable supplier network management, supply chain orchestration, analytics and strategic command centers. Powering this suite, is the TADA platform, which uses advanced cognitive technologies and creates an actionable Digital Duplicate of your enterprise and your supply chain ecosystem upon which you can build, run and manage an integrated suite of supply chain orchestration applications. Embedded within the TADA platform is CoBALT-DT, an advanced Digital Trust assurance technology built by Copperwire Systems that leverages Samsung Nexledger Universal, an enterprise-class blockchain platform built by Samsung SDS. CoBALT-DT is designed to bring new levels of security, data integrity, collaboration, multi-party contract automation and auditability to supply chain networks. 

“TADA SC™ helps address several chronic problems that have plagued supply chains globally including fragmentation, siloed systems, manual processes and general lack of security and trust between the participants, which have all contributed to increased friction and risks within these business networks” said Seshadri Guha, Founder & CEO of TADA. “The TADA platform uses synaptic network technology to capture and map the digital DNA of enterprise systems to help orchestrate end-to-end processes seamlessly and make effective decisions intuitively. We are excited to be working with Samsung SDS and Copperwire Systems to embed blockchain-enabled digital trust, integrity and security assurance technology and services that help us build digital supply chains you can trust”, he said.

Proven Solution – The applications and the platforms underlying the TADA SC™suite have proven their value having been used by leading enterprises globally. TADA is working with Samsung SDS America and Copperwire Systems to enable a global heavy equipment manufacturing leader to build and operate a trusted supplier network as well as enabling data sharing in a secure and privacy-sensitive way to drive collaboration and efficiencies across the network. While TADA enables the orchestration layer, Samsung Nexledger Universal, provides an enterprise-class, high-performing Blockchain platform. Ted Kim, Senior Vice President at Samsung SDS America, notes, “Samsung Nexledger Universal is uniquely well-suited as the blockchain platform of choice for its power, speed, and flexibility. Through advanced security features including white-box cryptography, dynamic grouping encryption, and zero knowledge proofs, Samsung Nexledger Universal ensures the transparency and trust necessary to secure TADA SC™ applications across a breadth of enterprise use cases.” 

To fully trust-enable supply chains operating on the TADA platform, Copperwire provides CoBALT-DT, an advanced trust and security assurance technology which includes the critical middleware services required to easily utilize blockchain within enterprises”, said Sunil Cherian, CEO of Copperwire Systems, a Sunnyvale-based blockchain applications platform company. “For any multi-party supply chain systems to work securely and frictionlessly, you need to have a strong set of enterprise-ready services  that enables these applications to address critical business use cases like multi-tier visibility, data integrity assurance, data provenance, smart contract automation, supply chain financing, risk & resiliency and more”, he said.

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