Oct 27, 2020

TraceLink Announces New Serialized Product Intelligence Solution

Serialized product intelligence allows companies to proactively monitor their serialized operations and gain actionable insights to avoid costly delays and ensure product availability

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NORTH READING, Mass., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TraceLink, Inc., the leading digital platform company for the life science supply chain, today introduced Serialized Product Intelligence™, a new cloud application that uses serialization data to provide actionable intelligence and drive operational excellence. As more compliance mandates continue to emerge around the world, Serialized Product Intelligence simplifies the complexity of managing data across companies’ serialization operations. Now, companies can proactively monitor serialized operations, identify supply chain issues early, avoid costly delays and maintain timely product delivery to market.  

Serialized Product Intelligence is a fully automated, self-service analytics application, built on TraceLink’s new Opus Digital Network Platform™, the only digital network platform designed to support the development of multi-enterprise business applications for the pharmaceutical industry. With Serialized Product Intelligence, companies can proactively aggregate and analyze serialization data to accelerate the resolution of supply chain disruptions and improve on-time delivery of medicines. 

“Serialization will create enormous value for the entire supply chain, far beyond meeting regulatory requirements. As the crucial link to delivering actionable intelligence, companies can use serialization as the foundation for the digital transformation of their supply chain,” said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO, TraceLink. “Current processes for managing serialization operations are unsustainable and riddled with complexities, with data coming from various sources and a growing number of new compliance mandates emerging across the globe. Serialized Product Intelligence eliminates these complexities, providing companies with a single source of the truth to identify and resolve disruptions quickly and keep operations on track to ensure medicines reach patients safely and on time.”

Serialized Product Intelligence provides companies with the first step to leverage data as a foundation for using more advanced technologies to predict and prevent critical business issues from occurring. Companies can build on their serialization investment by unlocking the value of serialization data across their enterprise, gaining from the following benefits: 

  • Gain Proactive Control. Companies can proactively access and analyze serialization data at various levels of granularity to monitor their serialized operations and accelerate resolution of inconsistencies between operations and compliance.  
  • Resolve Disruptions Faster. Resolve disruptions and compliance issues up to 75% faster compared to manual intervention with full visibility into serialized operations, including events involving multiple trading partners and systems and ensure that your products are moving through the supply chain.
  • Streamline Supply Chain Operations. Reduce manual and costly reporting processes by using a fully automated and robust analytical model, avoiding costly disruptions and increasing the probability that suppliers meet their performance targets and products ship on time.

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