Forget the Suez Canal. Supply Chains Need Attention

The Suez Canal blockage has caught the world’s attention. But experts want you to know that the real story goes well beyond the Suez Canal and that similar incidents should be an eye-opener to manufacturers, who need to realize what actions to take when addressing undeniable shortfalls in current supply chains.

In this article by Industry Week, Ahmer Inam, chief AI officer at Pactera EDGE, shares his insights on how properly utilized artificial intelligence could play a meaningful role in addressing these issues and lessening the impact of damaging incidents.

Kohl’s Sends Letter to Shareholders Featuring a Q&A with CEO Michelle Gass and CFO Jill Timm

American department store retail chain Kohl’s is accelerating its end-to-end supply chain transformation in the coming months and years. Its investments in technology and supply chain give its executives great confidence to achieve their business goals.

Michelle Gass, CEO, in the Q&A sent to shareholders, also expected Kohl’s to be able to rebuild inventories in categories that have been outperforming, citing active and home.

Sewing Digital Transformation Into Polyester and Textile Companies

Recron, a part of Reliance Group, one of the world’s largest integrated polyester and textile companies, has accelerated its digitalization efforts to ensure business continuity–much like other businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the company describes its transition as seamless, the more complex processes required different solutions.

Mastering Digital Transformation Beyond COVID

Over the last 18 months, businesses have shown their appetite and readiness to implement digital transformation, as evidenced by their speed and capacity to forge their digital road.

However, digital transformation is just a dream without a new approach to tech.

Here’s how digital transformation and sustainability can flourish together

Supply chain leaders must integrate sustainability considerations across their organizations. Doing so will provide them the tools to benefit from their digital transformation initiatives, according to the World Economic Forum.

Read this article to learn how you can integrate similar sustainable strategies and priorities throughout your digital transformation roadmaps.