AI to Underpin the Nimble Supply Chain of the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking predictive maintenance to the next level–driving the transformation of supply chains into smart ecosystems.

What’s interesting is the willingness for businesses to put aside long-standing reservations and fully embrace such technologies to maintain a competitive age in the “new normal.”

Mitigating the Hidden Risks of Digital Transformation

Companies are making bigger moves toward the cloud, e-commerce, and digital supply chains. At the same time, enterprises are faced with an ongoing conflict between the need to innovate and the need to mitigate risk.

This article features CIOs making the case on how the same digital initiatives that create new opportunities can also lead to new forms of business risks.

5 Trends in Industrial Supply Chain Management We’ll See This Year

In 2020, industrial supply chains have seen some of the most significant industry challenges, and industry leaders expect that they’ll likewise experience some of the most dramatic shifts in 2021.

This article outlines the five supply chain management trends in the year ahead, as supply chain management evolves to become a safe, more resilient, and more productive industry.

Accenture Acquires REPL to Expand Retail Technology and Supply Chain Capabilities

Consulting specialist Accenture has expanded its retail technology and supply chain capabilities, following its acquisition of REPL Group, a UK-based technology consultancy specializing in supply chain solutions.

Accenture expects the acquisition to help clients reimagine their supply chain, and people and store technologies to become more efficient.