Mercedes-Benz: digital transformation in production

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is investing to transform its Berlin-Marienfelde plant in Germany into a campus for developing, testing, and implementing pioneering software applications for its global production network.

In line with this, the company’s investments are planned to build a digital ramp-up factory with several state-of-the-art pilot lines and test cells.

A True Digital Transformation Requires The Ability To Use Analytics Effectively

Implementing new software does not digitally transform anything – not if it isn’t utilized effectively, says one industry expert.

Additionally, using a software effectively is about more than functionality and it requires a company to further leverage the supply chain design philosophy.

Advice From Google On How The Board Can Help With Digital Transformation

The pandemic has forced companies to consider accelerating their digital strategies and evolve to become digital leaders, while simultaneously increasing cash flow, minimizing risk to their business model, and delighting customers.

Read this article to learn more about business leaders’ top three priorities to fully realize the opportunity that digital transformation represents.

Modernizing the supply chain requires holistic thinking

Analog industries are realizing that standards and a holistic perspective matter most when transitioning to use connected sensors and software in their operations. Other companies understand that digital transformation is not really about adding software and connectivity.

This article makes a case for a holistic goal when achieving successful digital transformation.

Supply Chains Move From Globalization To Regionalization

The profound shift in the world economy, alongside COVID-19 consequences, is now driving the changes in global value chains.

This article hints at the likely restructuring of supply chains in an attempt to make them shorter, diversified, and more regionalized.