Digital twins – ensuring high ROI on costly supply chain transformations

The digital twin offers real change with minimal disruption that ultimately leads to increased digital transformation success.

This article by Capgemini makes the case for leveraging a digital twin approach into the supply chain and how the technology drives transformation efficiency across operations.

Deloitte Insights: Tech Trends 2021

The digital society requires enterprises to plan for tomorrow’s challenges, while they strive to stay competitive in today’s business landscape.

In Deloitte’s 12th annual Tech Trends report, it discusses how future-focused industry players are exploring ways to transform the supply chain. Read on for more insights and inspiration for your digital journey ahead.

Digital Transformation And Event-Driven Architecture, Part One: Its Importance In The Supply Chain

Incorporating real-time processing and ubiquitous access to information when undertaking digital transformation can be daunting.

In this Forbes article, the CEO at Solace, makers of the event-driven architecture tooling relied on by the FAA, SAP, and Barclays, talks about the importance of digital transformation in the supply chain.

New IBM study addresses trucking’s future through a digital transformation

Big trucking manufacturers are starting to see the need and the opportunity that digital technologies are going to bring to them, this is one of the most telling findings in a recently released study by global technology giant IBM.

Read this article and take a deep dive into the trucking industry’s journey through a digital transformation.

5 Tips to Manage Supply Chain Risk in Uncertain Times

The pandemic has exposed fault lines in the current supply chain network, and there is a pressing need for businesses to ensure supply security.

This article outlines five ways how companies can develop plans to prepare and reduce the impact disruptions can have on their bottom line.